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Football Squares Pro

Manage your football squares.

Get ready to run your football squares for the Super Bowl with Football Squares Pro! You can purchase online hosting of your sheet to allow quick and easy selection for your players. Simply purchase hosting using In-App purchase and email players within the app the custom link.

Football Squares Pro allows you to setup squares of 10 X 10 or even 5 X 5. You can setup your score number for the whole game or random for each quarter.

For quick setup you can add players from your address book, and simply double-tap a square to select the last player you picked.

Need an easy way to see which squares a player has? Just turn on the filter to highlight just that player's squares.

Manage the money owed by each player simply by entering in what they have paid within the player's info screen.

Two simple and easy ways to determine how many squares a person has selected and how much they owe. First is on the bottom of the screen when selecting squares. The second is on the Players list.

Football Squares Pro can present your squares right on your TV using AirPlay devices like an AppleTV or use a video cable.

When the scoring is done for the quarter, simply enter in the score and Football Squares Pro will tell you who won.

You have the ability to email the sheet at any time before, during, or after the game.

Football Squares Pro Features

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